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How to create colorful card backgrounds, quickly!

Today I want to show you some cards I've recently created by using watercolors.

The cool thing here is that by using ZIG watercolors and an acrylic block, I created colorful backgrounds in just few minutes!

How does it work? 
👉First, get a thick drawing paper suitable for water colors (I've used 100% cotton-made paper).
👉Second, scribble the colors of your choice on the acrylic block.
👉Third, spray water, abundantly, on the acrylic block.
👉Fourth, with a steady movement place the block (face down) on the cotton paper.
👉Fifth, put a small weight on the block and leave it there for a minute (or longer if you're using thinner paper)

What I've noticed is that if you press the block firmly (almost squashing it), you obtain a continuous layer with no white spaces.

...but, if you just place the block on the paper you get something more discontinuous, like a marbled design.

I really liked both versions!

Here you have a VIDEO showing the technique (N.B. the paper I used in this video is not the thick cotton watercolor paper...!)

These are just some ideas on how to use the backgrounds in your cards :-)

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