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Homemade enamel dots....

I really love enamel dots for card making, but they are INSANELY expensive!
Some months ago, I bought a small Glossy Accents bottle (a glossy medium used to accent and brighten distinct areas of cards, albums, scrapbook pages etc.)
This medium is semi-liquid and opaque when it comes out of the bottle's tip, but in few hours it becomes solid and transparent .

While I was using the Glossy Accents for my cards, I realized that the consistency of the dry medium reminded me of transparent enamel dots, which made think it would be possible to use this medium to make my own enamel dots...

I bought a set of mini nail polishes for a reasonable price,

dripped some Glossy Accents medium onto an acetate sheet,
waited for few hours,
and 'painted' the drops with the nail polish...
Ok, I haven't been very accurate with the painting 🤣🤣🤣

Once the nail polish dried, I tried to carefully remove the drops from the acetate sheet....nonetheless, I ended up with most of the dots broken...
I really don't know if it's the nail polish (actually the organic solvent that is inside the nail polish) that makes the Glossy Accents medium crumbly, or if it's the medium itself which is not suitable for this kind of things...Fact is that the experiment didn't work... 😢😢😢

To rule out the nail polish problem, I'll try this little experiment again, but I'll leave some uncolored dots. If they won't crack, it means that is the nail polish, but in this case...HOW CAN I COLOR MY DROPS?!?!?! 

If you have any idea, suggestion please comment below in any language!!!

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