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Crunchy Peach soap

In my recent Review of the Aroma Zone (AZ) soap making workshop I've been complaining about a peachy fragrance I bought on the day of the workshop. Before buying it, I've asked if the fragrance was going to work well in Cold Process and the alleged expert said "YES, sure!" 
When I got back home, I read on the AZ's website that this fragrance is not great for CP and got quite p****d off.
Needless to say, that there's no explanation concerning this statement (does it fade over time? does it affect soap color? Does it ACCELERATE trace?!?) and therefore I had to find out myself...

I didn't have much choice in terms of raw materials and I didn't want to invest in new stocks in case something went wrong.

Few precautions:
1) I scaled down the amount of total oils in the recipe (325 gr instead of 800 gr)
2) I used silicon moulds (didn't want to spend time lining the wooden mould)
3) I added the fragrance at the very last moment, just before pouring

Crunchy Peach soap 

Total oil weight: 325 gr 
Water as % of oil weight: 28 %
Superfat: 5%
Water:Lye Ratio: roughly 2:1
Fragrance: Péché à croquer (Crunchy Peach) from Aroma Zone 5 gr
Soaping temperature: Oils @ 45 °C, Lye @ 49.6 °C
Micas for the peachy color: Bronze + Fiery Red 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (gives the yellowish color) 70.77%
Peanut oil (hubby bought it to fry zucchini and I snaffled some for my soap 🤣🤣🤣) 12.31%
Shea Butter 16.92%

Facts: Crunchy Peach fragrance DOES ACCELERATE trace!!! 😠😠😠

That's what they were holding back and what 'ressort mal en saponification à froid' really means! 

I'm happy with the soap even if the colors changed and after few hours I got soda ashes (I know, I water discounted but still used a looooot of olive oil 😁)

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