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Wick size guide...

There are no general rules!
The type of wax and the diameter of the candle/container (I'd also say the type of wick!!!) affect the burning properties of a candle. 
In addition wick size availability can change from a supplier to another. 
I'm afraid I have to admit that the only way to sort this out is... trying!
I can give you an example that will help you understand if you did the right choice (see picture).

These two candles are both made with soy wax, while candle on the left is burning properly (right size of the wick), candle on the right is not.
The problem with the candle on the right is that the pool of melted wax is too small. Apparently soy wax has memory and you should allow the candles to make a full melt pool on their very first burn, otherwise they will not burn properly the following time. Not to mention the waste of (unmelted) wax!

Colours, fragrances and suppliers

You have liquid dyes, solid pre-coloured pellets/blocks and powders you can purchase from shops and on-line shops, but you can also use kids crayons (like I did for example for my Cremino candle project) or go for a natural shade coming from the wax itself.
For example, beeswax is yellow and soy wax has an opaque white colour that I adore!

You can use essential oils or fragrance oils. Let's see the main differences ...

Essential oils

NaturalTherapeutic / healing propertiesMore expensive than fragrance oilsMore volatile (they last less)Fragrances are limited

Fragrance oil

Synthetic (that does not mean they are necessarily bad !)No healing propertiesAffordable prices for good quantitiesThe smell lasts longer because they are not volatileVirtually unlimited fragrancesThey MIGHT contain added chemicals and be environmental hazardous


I fell in love with this on-line supplier the first time I visited the website.
They are specialized in candle-making products (they have pl…

Candle-making materials (a rough overview) ...

Let's start by saying that there are plenty of waxes with different characteristics, so the choice is entirely up to you and this post doesn't pretend to be an encyclopaedia of candle-making materials!

I do not like to categorize waxes into natural or not natural because also paraffin derives from something, the petroleum, that is actually existing in nature!
I prefer to tag them as vegetal-, animal- and mineral-derived waxes.
Among plant-derived ones you can find soy wax, colza wax and palm wax (and more).
Beeswax is clearly from an animal source (bees do not suffer, they produce wax without being tortured!).
And paraffin, as above-mentioned, is made of hydrocarbons, mixtures of alkanes usually in a homologous series of chain lengths. It is refined from petroleum by vacuum distillation. 

'Petroleum (Wikipedia definition) (L. petroleum, from early 15c. "petroleum, rock oil" (mid-14c. in Anglo-French), from Medieval Latin petroleum, from Latin: petra: "rock&qu…

First try: tin scented candles

I'll create an additional post to discuss the choice of the wax, colours, fragrance and, above all, the choice of a trusted supplier!
This is the first kind of candle I've attempted to make: tin container candle. I needed Xmas presents that I could put in my luggage and that could resist shocks!

How did I start?

I'd say by chance and because of a desperate need to find nice and personal Christmas presents
Most of the times you end up buying very expensive and banal things that, with a good chance, have already been bought by other people for the same recipient: 3 pair of slippers for the poor granny, 2 identical ties for dad, 4 copies of the PUPA make-up kits for your sister (but this is probably something only Italian girls from the 80' remember!)... embarrassing ! 
And what about more personal items like parfumes, jumpers, underwear etc? Never ever the right size, or colour or fabric!!!  So why not going for something unique and very personal as a home-made candle (that by the way doesn't need to be changed in colour, size or fabric!!!)

What is the blog about...

I do have a strong passion for hand-crafted and home-made things.
Crafting relaxes me and offers me the chance to create unique and personalized pieces for people I love. Crafting is not my primary activity, but if you are interested in any of my creations please contact me. The main language of this page will be english, but I'm italian and I do also speak a bit of french, so don't panic if I'll mix the three of them. If you want to comment and leave a feedback feel free to use the language among the three that suits you better! Enjoy the page!